What Makes Us Different?

Many firms offer some combination of training, consulting, and coaching services.  But our clients tell us that The Elkind Group’s YES! And… approach really is different.

The approach is built on a commitment to tangible results: ensuring that insights get transformed into actions that drive bottom-line success for your business.

Here’s what our clients say that they appreciate – and how you will get value from working with us.

  1. YES! We have extensive experience as business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants. And… you can count on business expertise spanning diverse industries and complex organizations.
  2. YES! We get up to speed quickly, learn your business, and respond immediately to your needs. And… you gain value right away.
  3. YES! We are skilled at analyzing problems and opportunities in complex organizations.  And… You benefit from our insights into the barriers that can get in the way of achieving your goals.
  4. YES! You work directly with our team of seasoned colleagues, never with junior associates who are learning at your expense. And… You gain immediate access to our breadth and depth of experience, expertise, and styles.
  5. YES! We draw on diverse areas of expertise ranging from executive coaching and organizational development to performance consulting and change management. And… You get creative customized solutions that meet your needs.
  6. YES! We are experts at gaining buy-in and commitment, and we gather ideas from every level of the organization.  And… We can identify, anticipate, and preempt possible areas of resistance.
  7. YES! We are team players.  And… You can count on us to work well with your staff – and other external specialists – to provide you with the best overall solutions.
  8. YES! We work quickly and efficiently.  And… You get the most cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.
  9. YES! We offer an outstanding train-the-trainer capability. And… You’re assured of quality and consistency of delivery, even on the largest training initiative.
  10. YES! We provide ongoing support. And… You can rely on us for help in achieving your long-term goals

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