YES! And Coaching


“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself.” Bill McCartney The challenge that many successful leaders face is that they think too quickly about why something can’t happen– as opposed to seeing the possibilities.

To foster creativity, leaders must be flexible, fearless, and open to new ideas and challenges. YES! And… Coaching gives leaders the tools and skills needed to do this.

YES! And . . .Coaching

The “YES!” is about increasing your awareness and acceptance. Using the Birkman Method®, we explore your strengths, blind spots, and opportunities for growth. And in our collaborative coaching sessions you learn strategies for tapping into your best self.

The “And…” refers to turning this awareness and acceptance into action that leads to the results you want. The “And…” will help you use your self-awareness to create new styles of thinking, behaving, and responding to others.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it is the combination of the “YES! And…” that enables even successful leaders to expand their capacity to create great results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

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