Create a Sales-Focused Culture

service-to-sales-coverIn today’s competitive environment, the success of your business depends on converting prospects to customers, customers to clients, and clients to champions.

To be successful, you need to maximize the revenue generated by your front-line sales and service teams.

Increasing revenue requires building skills and shifting mindsets. It’s important to instill a sales-driven culture.

The Elkind Group can help your organization improve the customer experience and transform front-line performance into sales and service.

Converting Prospects To Customers

  • Improve acquisition of new customers
  • Launch (or re-launch) a new product/service
  • Identify customers’ needs and proactively meet them on an ongoing basis
  • Increase market share

Converting Customers to Clients

  • Generate more repeat business and sell more to existing customers
  • Cross-sell and up-sell across your entire line of products/services
  • Resolve problems and handle complaints more effectively
  • Improve customer retention and reduce churn

Converting Clients to Champions

  • Increase referrals and introductions to prospective new customers
  • Consistently live your brand message and distinguish your company from your competition
  • Improve efficiency and still meet – and exceed – customer expectations
  • Increase first call/first contact resolution

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