Assessments: The Birkman Method


Whether you’re leading a global enterprise, a nonprofit, or a small family-owned business, you—like all other managers—face the challenge of managing your most important asset – your people.  In fact, having the best people doing their best work on the right team at the right time is critical to surviving in today’s competitive landscape.

“If you understand others, you are smart. If you understand yourself, you are illuminated.” Lao Tzu UCLA research indicates that only 7% of leadership success is attributable to intellect; 93% of success comes from trust, integrity, authenticity, honesty, creativity, presence, and resilience.  The Birkman Method® provides a lens through which all leaders can understand and manage themselves and others to increase productivity, resiliency, and creativity.

The Birkman Method® is designed to help you identify your “blind spots” and optimize your individual potential.  Even if you’re already a successful leader this understanding allows you to expand your capacity to overcome obstacles, blocks, defeats, and stress triggers.

Here are a few of the tangible benefits you’ll see throughout your company:

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Improved communication and conflict management
  • Increased motivation and engagement
  • Increased creativity and innovativeness

See for yourself.  Check out some sample report sets.



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