Who Needs A Leadership Coach?

“It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.” John Wooden Coaching is a powerful professional relationship that supports people in reaching their best performance and achieving their most important goals.

The Elkind Group works with executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals who have achieved success and are now looking to take the next step.

As your coach, we serve as your trusted advisor and thought partner.  We work with you to generate meaningful options for change, assist you in planning your action steps, and help you hold yourself accountable for the results you want to achieve.  And we help you create a coaching culture throughout your organization.

Our clients are often facing challenges in one or more of these areas. Check and see if any of these YES! And… statements apply to you.

  • YES! I’m ambitious and driven to succeed.
  • And... I need some help to advance to a higher level of responsibility.

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  • YES! I want to be perceived as a team player.
  • And... I need to be able to set boundaries and speak up for myself.

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  • YES! I’ve been a strong manager.
  • And... I want to coach and develop people to help them grow.

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Personal Satisfaction
  • YES! I’m already successful.
  • And... I’m looking for something more.

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