Manager As Coach

Coaching Makes The Difference

Coaching is the single most important skill for increasing employee engagement and driving improved performance.
  • Companies with engaged employees can perform twice as well as companies without engaged employees.
  • Only 29% of the workforce is actually engaged.  45% of employees are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged.
  • The single factor that relates most directly to engagement is an employee’s relationship with his/her direct manager.  If an employee is dissatisfied with his/her direct manager, there is an 80% chance that employee is disengaged.

To succeed in today’s challenging business environment you need your entire management team to be passionate, fully engaged, and committed to leading, directing, guiding, reinforcing, coaching, and developing your employees.

The Elkind Group has more than 25 years of experience in helping leaders and managers at all levels to become more effective coaches by:

  • Building strong working relationships with employees
  • Reinforcing strengths, and identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement
  • Conducting root cause analyses to focus on the behaviors that drive key results
  • Planning and facilitating powerful 1:1 coaching conversations that lead to buy-in and commitment to change
  • Following up for accountability and impact
  • Coaching “in the moment” to help employees capture every opportunity

The Elkind Group can help your entire management team to develop a coaching mindset and implement powerful coaching practices that build employee engagement, commitment, and success.

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