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Fortune | Are You a Good Fit for Your Job?

By Jennifer Reingold

As a management writer, I had a good gig for a good long time: analyzing how others manage without having to do it myself. That recently changed. I became an editor at Fortune and found myself calling meetings, cajoling others to work with me, and doing the things I once loved to criticize.

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Refocusing resources in a competitive economy: Sales through service

Research indicates that over 70 per cent of all call centres worldwide are adding sales capabilities in an attempt to become a source of profit for their organisations. In the current economic climate, no company can settle for incremental change – it is becoming an urgent necessity to successfully transition from a cost centre to a revenue-generating centre.

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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Are you getting the most value out of your instructor-led training? Probably not. Here are three powerful and inexpensive ways to increase the impact of your training.

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10 Ways To Deliver A Truly Exceptional Customer Experience

Lately, more call centers seem to be renewing their focus on service. Call center leaders speak with great enthusiasm about “building lifetime relationships” by “providing an exceptional service experience” and “creating customer delight.”

It sounds great! But what’s been your experience as a customer? Are you consistently delighted by the service you receive?

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Beyond Ability To Suitability

Like so many other aspects of the call center business, recruiting and hiring tend to be somewhat cyclical activities. Sure, there’s always some ongoing attrition, and as an industry we are not too proud to boast that annual turnover rates for call center agents average anywhere from 20-40%. But there are also huge swings in supply and demand that are tied to a host of broader economic factors.

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